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Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the mess, but we’re in the middle of creating something awesome right now, or maybe eating lunch. Probably lunch. Mmmmm sandwiches.

Back to that something awesome. It’s a next-generation media company! Yes, another one, but we promise we’re different! We are building a resource that combines digital content and live experiences to get people informed, inspired and involved in the world around them.

What does it look like? We’re still figuring that out (and you can help, we’re hiring and looking for contributors!), but it’s going to be based on first-person accounts from the front lines of today’s news, interviews with the crazy geniuses behind tomorrow’s big ideas and storytelling so riveting your goosebumps will have goosebumps. And we won’t just live online. We’re producing festivals and events where everyone can join the party, and by party, we mean mind-blowing speaker series, ice cream madness and a show from your new favorite band. Do you like music, ice cream, and really smart people? Sweet. Welcome to A Beautiful Perspective.

You are brilliant, beautiful and bold. We like that. Let’s change the world together!

Join us, form your perspective, and change the world this summer 2017.

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